Population - 12 615 279 people (2019)
The capital of Russia. Largest city in Russia by population, and among the ten largest cities in the world by population, as well as the largest Russian-speaking city in the world.


230 000 sq. m.
Khodinskiy b., 4, Moscow, 125252
Transport accessibility:
Key city highways: Leningradskoye Shosse, TTK, Garden Ring.
Surrounded by 4 metro stations (1-15 minutes), metro CSKA 1 minute from Aviapark

Customer traffic: more than 60,000 people / day

Anchor tenants:
Ashan (21 570 sq. m.)
OBI (14 660 sq. m.)
HOFF (10 070 sq. m.)
Cinema КАРО Sky 17 (10 000 sq. m.)
Stockmann (8 400 sq. m.)
Zara (3 500 sq. m.)
Unique anchor: IKEA (7 800 sq. m.), Park KidZania (10 000 sq. m.), Trend Island (8 700 sq. m.)

Other advantages and novel features of the shopping center:
Aviapark is the largest shopping center in Moscow, in Russia, and in Europe. It boasts a unique aquarium - the highest cylindrical aquarium in the world - and features 30 types of entertainment concepts.


106 000 sq. m.
23 km Kievskogo Sh. (p. Moscowskiy), 1, Moscow, 108811
Transport accessibility:
The location of the shopping center - transport hub "Salaryevo": metro Salaryevo, Kiev highway, numerous bus routes

Customer traffic: 20 000-25 000 people / day (weekdays) and 30 000-35 000 people / day (weekends)

Anchor tenants:
Globus, Cinema CGV, M.Video, Sportmaster, GYM , Joki Joya, Domarket

Other advantages and novel features of the shopping center:
Multifunctional complex as part of the transport hub "Salaryevo". The shopping center has a good location on the first line of the Kiev highway, in the region of actively developing New Moscow. For the convenience of visitors, a direct exit from the Salaryevo metro is provided, both to the Shopping Center itself and the transition to the bus station. The territory has the largest parking area among shopping centers, for 5500 cars.


100 000 sq. m.
Avtozavodskaya ul., 18, Moscow, 115280
Transport accessibility:
The mall has a strategic location on the TTK and excellent visibility.
3 public transport stops right next to the shopping center.
15 bus and trolleybus routes, free buses to the metro.

Customer traffic: 26 000 people / day

Anchor tenants:

M.Video, Ashan City, Decatlon, Familia, Detskiy mir.
Unique Entertainment: Black Star Karting, Dive Amusement Park, TeikaBooom, MARS Station.

Other advantages and novel features of the shopping center:
The shopping center houses shops of well-known brands, a variety of entertainment formats for children and adults, as well as cafes and restaurants with verandas and breathtaking views of the Moscow River.

Butovo Mall

55 000 sq. m.
Checherskiy Pr., 51, Moscow, 117042
Transport accessibility:
The location of the shopping center is characterized by good transport accessibility.
Direct access from the street Ostafyevskaya and Chechersky passage, as well as from Kaluga and Warsaw highway.
Walking distance from the metro. Free shuttle taxis.
In addition, the shopping center is located within walking distance of nearby residential areas.

Customer traffic: 15 000 - 20 000 people / day

Anchor tenants:
Lenta, Technopark, Detsky mir, Sportmaster, Domarket, H&M, Uniqlo, Bershka, Koton, Zolla, O'stin, Funday, Familia, Kari

Other advantages and novel features of the shopping center:
Butovo Mall - the only object of this scale in terms of new territories annexed to Moscow, is an integral part at the commercial and residential development of the region. Shopping and entertainment center "Butovo Mall" is a unique project in its complex architecture, for which it has frequently received professional awards.
57 650 sq. m.
Bagrationovsky passage, d 5, Moscow
Transport accessibility:
The metro stations: Fili (350 m), Bagrationovskaya(650 m)

Customer traffic: 40 000 people / day

Anchor tenants:
Auchan City, OBI, Detsky Mir, Sportmaster, Decathlon, creative goods and home decoration hypermarket IDEA, Mark & Spencer, Reserved, L'Etoile, Cinema Park Cinema, Happylon Amusement Park, Alex Fitness

Other advantages and novel features of the shopping center:
A unique infrastructure has formed around. The center is surrounded by business centers and the legendary hypermarket "Gorbushkin Dvor", Cinema Park, Trampoline Park "Sky"
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