Population - 1 618 039 чел. (2019)
The most populated city in the Asian part of Russia. Located on the famous Trans-Siberian Railway. Novosibirsk is one of the largest world economic centers in terms of the economy: the research organization, Mc Kinsey Global Institute, in 2010 included it in the list of 600 largest cities in the world, producing 60% of global GDP.


54 000 sq. m
ul. Gogolya, 15
Тransport Accessibility:
The project is favorably located in the historic city center, at the intersection of major highways - ul. Gogolya and ul. Michurin, 250 meters from the main shopping street of Novosibirsk - Krasny pr.
In proximity of 2 metro stations Sibirskaya, Krasny Prospekt, as well as several public transport stops guarantee easy access to the mall and a constant flow of customers.

Consumer Traffic: 23 100 people/day (weekdays) and 30 400 people/day (weekends)

Anchor Tenants:

Magnet - hypermarket - 2 500 sq. m, М.Video - 2 450 sq. m, Lyuksor - 3 700 sq. m, Detskiy Mir - 1 500 sq. m.

Other advantages and novel features of the shopping center:
Gallereya Novosibirsk is the only shopping center in the city, in the architectural solution of which, fountains were used. Fountains are used not only as a decorative element, but also to humidify the air inside the mall and create a comfortable microclimate. On the fourth floor of the Gallereya shopping mall there is an entertainment zone - a cinema, restaurants and children's playrooms. Columns resembling high-tech trees in Singapore's futuristic garden set the visitors in the right mind and serve as a wonderful decorations for events and fashion shows held there.
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